Tuesday, February 19, 2008

..life..{talking to k}

i can hear them talk
yes i ..do
contemplations or thoughts
did i share that 'experience'
did someone say -'experience'?
was i blindfolded
not to absorb its' graphic vividness
and could i not hear the undulated sounds
the giggles that floated around
and what about the smells and fragrances
that engulfed it all
and would it be alright
to forget
the inexplicable touch
of warmth and tenderness
[sometimes also referred to as life]
that became it's synonymn
yes i ..i 'think' i perceived it
or imagined it
or even ventured to talk about it
but i know that
someone could
feel all that
and mould,craft,convert
transform it into..words
how could i,or could i not
experience the poem


Saturday, February 9, 2008

[footnote] autumn.osi

'autumn memories'*

in the soothing balm of the spring showers
when i bloomed and i swayed
and with breezes i played
and my fragrance spread
over the flower bed
to adorn yourself in secret hours
you'd reached for me
very tenderly
with delicate fingers
the memory lingers
but now you tread upon withered flowers
that i've drooped and fallen
forgotten by the world!..

..zoya gautam[original}

Friday, February 8, 2008


PEERPRESSURIZED!not so uncommon in a world that seeks to live in the future!the craving to be somebody,somewhere in a given timezone can be a bit stressful while the shrinks add
to their smiles .can't help thinking why does the Adler
and Freud syndrome haunt so many "on the third planet from the Sun".

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