Saturday, February 9, 2008

[footnote] autumn.osi

'autumn memories'*

in the soothing balm of the spring showers
when i bloomed and i swayed
and with breezes i played
and my fragrance spread
over the flower bed
to adorn yourself in secret hours
you'd reached for me
very tenderly
with delicate fingers
the memory lingers
but now you tread upon withered flowers
that i've drooped and fallen
forgotten by the world!..

..zoya gautam[original}


Beloved Dreamer said...

Oh, I am sorry for my mistake. This poem is also lovely but very sad. It seems like memories can be just carelessly cast away as one moves through life.
Beautiful Zoya, I just love sad poems. I feel they have a clearer understanding of the human aspect in nature. Well done my friend.

love, Melanie

zoya gautam said...

..thank u Melanie (bd)for the kind words.i had sent the said poem to a recognized indian author(of english poetry)at the time for had come back to me with the remarks that- "it is audacious to send your first ever poem for review".i still truly respect and value that opinion..