Monday, April 28, 2008


i’ve always liked
to joke to myself
that somewhere
in the future

i’m already dead!

mellow fragrances
milder symphonies
at the threshhold

of oblivion!

mysterious memories
defy recall
still i try hard
to listen

as the sunset
of consciousness
slowly melts
into a dark night

of unknown emotions!

and suddenly
i yearn for someone
sans or with reason

far away
the moonlight
over rustling leaves

sounding like
the soft whisperings
of childhood melodies
yes,i do try mom

to jolt myself
out of the voodoo
of surreal forms
and images

till i wake up!

to the perfumes
of “annunciation:
the time of flowers”
[abstract art Title]

in this structured
of life!,sometimes
outrageous ~ /original/z.g.

.._(original post edited/modified )
{ref:painting/art>bkacicek-“annunciation;the time of flowers”}

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

to a dog lost

'to a dog lost'

In bleak light his flickering eyes
kick through the smoke
watchful legs appraise the carpet
of death beneath

my brain speaks the gibberish
of the kids back home
the taste of 'what if' a bubblegum
of thoughts in my mouth

his nose can hear the footsteps
of death
my ears can smell the warning
in his bark
hark hark
the explosion


a flame,a candle
what dog handler
could handle
hollowed by
a landmine
was a dog's