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about me _ What Hocus - Pocus

: _ / For Purposes of Research & Education -

[ ZG 1 ] about me [ a ] _What Hocus - Pocus ! _

_ my life in an american meme _ Since April 2008

_ Truth & Nothing but the Truth -

_ i have had negligible " personal " interaction with the esteemed writers at osi - - through e- mail or snail mail etc;.barring one or two instances where i have sought guidance on music, i have only responded politely to e-mails received .

my interaction with the writers exists on the respective blogs - it is open and public

i duly acknowledge the " act of kindness " done unto me by way of allowing me to post and link my writeups through ~ osi , for which i remain grateful.

i do not remember a single instance where i have sought to demean the writings or the state of physical body- condition _status- of any individual writer or any individual person , or alluded to that effect.

" ...the innumerable foibles and follies to be found in any civilized society, and from the common prejudices and deceitful practices which custom, ignorance, or self-interest have made usual "

_ goya ~ spanish artist )

Name - Gautama Mookherjea / Status : single

Pen name ~ zoya gautam

[ This is how i spelt my name for my 17 years of work as a Translator with The Indian Council of Agricultural Research. With the hope of following my dream i resigned from the service in 2000 AD ]

i have cataract in both eyes and a skin pigmentation condition called Vitiligo / Leukoderma ]

Date of Birth - 26-11-1959

i am not a " Liar " , i am not " Invisible " ( never was ) , i do not hide and i am not an " insomniac ". i work on the internet at night because for dial-up modem users in india that is when the net is free )

dear readers lets call this a Preface _ Merry Christmas ! / 25.12.2009

till then ,


PS: " Nishaan Chook Maaf - Neechu Nishano Maaf Nathi " - This saying in Gujarati ( a regional language from India ) means that one can be forgiven for missing the mark , but never for keeping the mark Low _ ie no forgiveness for not aiming High _

My family has always stood by my dreams , I couldn't ask for more .

/ Digressing a little bit ,hope it is not read as bragging , to share a small piece of family history as under -

Mr. Amitabh Bachchan is an acting Legend in India , and has ample recognition overseas .
His wife Jaya Bhaduri's parents - The Late Shri T.C. Bhaduri & Smt. Indira Bhaduri are residents of my hometown Bhopal ( more about that later ). Mrs. Indira Bhaduri and my mother Mrs. P. Mukerjee can best be described as ' pals ' and friends .My parents and Jaya ji's parents have shared the Bengali Amateur Theatre Stage since 1951. / Shri T.C.Bhaduri's
credentials in Bengali Literature refer to his well-known work Abhishapta - Chambal /

All this blah blah only to say that people in the Arts do not discourage dreams.Hope no one does .

~ _ ~ _

[ ZG-2 ]

Making snide remarks ,spewing disparagement , condemnation - against somebody - anybody , that one has never met in life , talked to for two minutes _ Poet , Writer or Otherwise - Should I be doing that ? I would not be I.

It is not my job to abuse - my pursuit is ~ poetry

Boy , I. am dealing with American Intelligentsia / Academia here ( what with doctors & professors on the illustrious list ) - or a certain cross-section thereof , so my ruminations can easily be a testament to the Literary, Anthropological / Social or Psychological Aspects - Realities of such ' Creative Minds '.

We are talking here of ' Poetry ' Memes - Memes where Basho and Mary Oliver are cited as examples _

Where every stab and sting , innuendo and denigrating allusion made towards anybody is open to anyone's understanding . I don't think Fir, Frost or Dickinson could do that .Did not need to. And yes , I have no antipathy towards poetry & poets , or anyone else .

All said and done , there can be ' instances ' in such Memes which cause me to speak as under -..

poetic verses
one writer stabs another
conflict of interest

attack the writing
that is understandable
" work of the poet " ~ zg

( Ref: ' no regret ' / Haiku Bones - Prompt 3 )
[ ' Work of the Poet ' a Blogspot Blog . by_ Mary T - The Teach ]

It is easy to degenerate into an apocryphal writer by indulging in that which is " dehumanizing "..

unfold the innuendos
' creative writing ' ( Ref : ' no regret ' / Haiku Bones - Prompt 3 )

Employing epithets like ' parasite ' , ' insect ' etc etc to abusively allude is not an artistic craft . Any writer with average imagination should be able to do that .To my mind that is neither 'excellent ' nor ' brilliant '. But not everybdy is in the business of diminishment. Not everybody can be .

If " poets ". do this in a poetry - meme - God Bless Them - -

till then ,

~ _ ~ _

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